When I was growing up on a 5 acre farm in Palm Beach, there was little access to internet, me and my dad shared a Garage that we converted to a living space. We had access to satellite TV through DirecTV and they had channel named LinkTV. LinkTV used to have a segment where they broadcast tons of videos in their world music group. It’s been at least 10 years since then and I can still remember music video from some Finnish farmers among others and when I look at LinkTV I don’t know if they still make this world music segment anymore or not but I wish they did and so I figured why not create a website that tracks all the contemporary world music artists. So I created HotWorldMusic.com. The name is a play on words, and “Hot world” is a slight reference to climate change and global warming. As an advance over LinkTV I wanted to develop a map that you could click on that would direct you to music from different parts of the world based on where you clicked. The US obviously has a diverse range of music genres, but did you know Russia shares several of these genres including Rap, R&B, and Goth music?

  • 2011

    Began collecting music

  • 2017

    Started first website


  • 2021

    Produced playlist of 100 world music artists and developed website